We provided our services for many successful brands, beginning from recommendations of raw materials and recipes, together with production place and logistics, up to product design development and advertising materials.

Long-standing presence of our company on the service market, together with numerous contacts in beverage industry allows us to provide high-quality services.


The important compound of new product development is the research of the newest technologies on the market.
We constantly follow the newest achievements in the field; also widen the base of ingredients and technological novelties in the sphere of packed beverages production. This allows us to implement the concept of client to a full degree and to make it popular on the market.



Thinking about the new beverage brand and do not know how to select necessary components for its successful formulation? Then, RCCI company is able to provide you any consulting services as to the implementation of new concept. We will suggest you gustative and aroma compounds produced by leading manufacturers, we will also help you to develop and examine the recipe, and also with choosing the best packing. Contact us today and get the best advice!


Do you have the unique idea for beverage development? Then, we will help you to implement it starting from concept development and up to launch of your product onto the market. We develop brands both for alcoholic and soft drinks cooperating both with big businesses and start-up enterprises.


While choosing the packing for the new beverage it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors, which are unique for both alcoholic and soft drinks, for hot and cold beverages. The way of packing beverages should be also taken into account – it may be aluminum cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, etc. We are able to recommend you the best packing among the list you suggest us!


Perhaps, label is the most important communication-bearing component of the brand. It is a kind of product’s face, and while customer is watching it, he decides whether to buy the product or not. Label also allows to identify the products on the market shelves. That is why it is of high importance to let RCCI specialists develop the label. First of all, we are not artists, we are marketing experts. That is why we develop not the picture first, but the sales tool. While creating the design of label or packing we are aiming at presenting the main principles of brand positioning: price segment, competitive positions, message to the customer, etc.
At the same time, packing should not be dry. Design should attract the customer and make him take the product.


3D Modeling is one of the stages of packing development, which will allow you to see how the finished products will be shown on the market shelves and to compare it with competitors, and if it is necessary, to provide changes before the production of the pilot batch.


If you are a newcomer in this field and you do not know the first steps to be taken – contact us and our specialists will give you primary consultation, which will help you to define the activity area and necessary investments. On the first stage of start-up development we will help you to form the idea and concept of the beverage. During the next stage RCCI team will help you to develop the brand image, then its packaging and we will present to you the best way of its implementation (in other words we will recommend to you the best raw material suppliers, including manufacturers).
Also RCCI experts are entitled to consult you on the aspects of logistics and marketing, what will help your brand to earn a place in the sun. Do you want to take these important decisions? Talk to RCCI and get it right from the start.


We follow the customer on all stages of packaging solutions, beginning from the development of label and packing design and up to the design development of bottle, cork, billboard or shop-window.

Our experts will tell you the best typographic solution for your drink and will make it true.



For any start-up it is important to control the management cost. The success of the enterprise depends on it.Sometimes the development of some good ideas stops because of the lack of money, or vice versa, some enterprise spends high budgets inefficiently.
Management cost systems suggested by RCCI company include such procedures, as cost estimation and cost fulfilment control during project development.

Both the development and control of well-balanced budget makes the production and realization of the project controlled during the whole fiscal year, even including contingencies.

Our highly trained specialists will be at your disposal to get your drink into production with the goal of delivering it to the end user at a reasonable cost.


It is very important to control the quality of products on all stages of manufacturing. Especially if you launch a new product line, when you may face different bugs and crashes. It is necessary to provide quality control on the stages of receiving raw materials, during the production process and on the stage of finished products. The aim of these measures is to avoid faulty products, which can spoil customer’s attitude to the brand itself and can make it lossmaking.

RCCI is here to guide you through the process of understanding the production progression as well as to emphasize the importance of quality control


Client base is one of the most important aspects that should be taken into account. The awareness of customer’s needs and wants is vital because sometimes there is a need in assortment or implementation scheme changes. It is very important to attract new customers with the help of promotion personnel, successful marketing and combative sales.

Then, keeping customer attracted to your product is no less important. It can be done by means of advertising actions and events in points of sale.
Taking into account the long-term experience, we can be the link between your enterprise, suppliers and consumers.

Our marketing team hires personal promotional staff to go into stores, pass out complementary product, and be an energetic face to your company.

Our experts have enough experience in in and they will tell you the way to minimize costs.


In beverage business it is essential to cooperate with the best beverage manufacturers, which are able to complete your order and to negotiate on production terms in order to comply with the graph of launching the brand onto the market.

It is very important to take into account the geographical location of the manufacturer in order to minimize delivery terms and costs.

RCCI experts have a large base of different beverage manufacturers both in the US and all over the world and will be able to help you on this matter.


We follow the customer on all stages of packaging solutions, beginning from the development of label and packing design and up to the design development of bottle, cork, billboard or shop-window.

Our experts will tell you the best typographic solution for your drink and will make it true.



Consumer targeting

It is very important to find a consumer segment for a new brand, so it is necessary to develop positive product image, which will attract potential customers.

The development of such information signal and report it by means of TV spots, radio advertising, online ads, promotion actions and billboards is one of the activity areas of RCCI experts.

We will help you to work out a successful promotion campaign, which will guarantee a presentable performance of your brand to the customer.


RCCI company will help you to choose the type of drink, which is the most popular on the market, along with updated packing and design of your product.

Our consulting process goes through all these steps and every other aspect of the beverage business. Clients need to learn about beverage distribution, sales, marketing, promotion, advertising and much more things. The key is to learn slowly and completely. The beverage development field is not a race.


In order to single out the product among competitor ones, it is necessary to implement the wide range of unusual marketing events, aiming at product promotion. The final aim is sales promotion.

Such marketing events include degustation’s, exhibitions, limited time promotional offers, etc.

Our experts will also consult you on the question of marketing events.


Competent marketing is the foundation stone of successful enterprise. The product itself cannot be sold, no matter how good it is. If you do not have any neat marketing plans, the most ingenious idea is self-defeating.

It is especially important for start-ups, which are going to compete with brands, which are already presented on the market for decades and won customer’s trust.

On the basis of determined targeted audience, its paying capacity, tastes, we will help you with the organization of production and promotion, aiming at maximum investment profitability.


RCCI experts will help you to develop positive image of your drink on all stages, beginning from creating an icon attracting targeted audience and up to marketing strategy on different stages, including points of sale decoration.


One of the RCCI business areas is consulting on the matter of introduction of products to the market.

Many start-ups make serious mistakes, because they do not measure the scope of the home market with their production capacity, or do not pay enough attention to licensing and taxation in certain region. Often many start-ups do not pay attention to the business insurance and the quality of logistical links.

Such mistakes often lead to the waste of time and money, and sometimes damp quite prospective brand.

We will help you to avoid such mistakes!


We follow the customer on all stages of packaging solutions, beginning from the development of label and packing design and up to the design development of bottle, cork, billboard or shop-window.

Our experts will tell you the best typographic solution for your drink and will make it true.



In order to sell the finished drink your enterprise will need distributors, who will release your products onto the market. In order to find distributors it is necessary to present your product in a favorable light, laying emphasis on its positive features and that will attract bulk buyers.

Product presentation implemented in a correct way will help distributors to unlock the potential of the product and take it to the distribution network, placing your newest goods among all other old well-known brands RCCI experts are ready to help you on this matter. Also we will help your products to tap new markets.

Within the framework of cooperation with distributors we will help you to provide sales support by means of advertising materials and consult you on the aspects of merchandising and presentations.


Beverage consultant is a rare occupation, which combines experience and knowledge from different beverage business fields. Qualified expert will not give the client the strict order of actions, but will provide information which is necessary for making right decisions.

Beverage consultant is ready to answer all the questions relating to beverage business, but not imposing some determined ideas to client.

The aim of the consultant is to promote client’s business development.
RCCI experts are able to consult on a large number of aspects, beginning from the general concept of a drink and up to the label and packing designs, along with the packaging material, and suggest unusual distribution schemes. If you are a newcomer in the field of beverage production, then our specialists will help you to develop your business in a right way.


Cooperation programs, as a rule together with other border-line manufacturer are one of the innovative tools for increase in sales (e.g. beer and snack).

RCCI will facilitate in helping you to decide if a co-op program is good for your sales strategy. With over a decade of experience, RCCI is an excellent resource and will empower you with the tools you need to implement this strategy.


While launching a new drink it is essential to have support from retailer. In order to have enough space on the market shelves it is necessary to suggest promotional program. You may suggest sample degustation or promo offer (e.g. to buy 2 products and get the third one for free). Also you may suggest efficient designs for point-of-sale decoration. It is important that this or that promo offer will be updated for the targeted audience. That is why it is necessary to interview some focus-groups. Such programs in the near term cost a lot of money, but are profitable and will put you products in-demand later on.

Our specialists will help you to create and implement your promotional programs.


Beverage distribution is a rather complicated matter, which needs complex approach. RCCI company has the network of partners and mediators all over the world. We cooperate with distributors on personal basis taking into account local market peculiarities and the interests of commercial firms.

Also we take into consideration a number of factors which influence the product sales depending on season, beverage type, its price, etc.

Our long-term experience allows us to guarantee you that your product distribution will get all the necessary technical guiding hand that you need for successful promotion of the new product.

Call or email today for a free initial consultation with a beverage expert.


Our experts constantly follow the beverage market tendencies, in order to determine the market needs in this or that type of a drink. We will help you to create the best sales strategy based on the knowledge concerning prices for products, necessary commodity stock, the quality of retail channel work, logistics and pricing peculiarities we already have.

RCCI will help you to work out your own sales philosophy and to avoid numerous mistakes which are usual for newcomers.

Contact us today and talk to the friendly and informative team.


We follow the customer on all stages of packaging solutions, beginning from the development of label and packing design and up to the design development of bottle, cork, billboard or shop-window.

Our experts will tell you the best typographic solution for your drink and will make it true.



World beverage market is big and fast-growing.

This industry is in progress even at the worst of times taking into account even constantly growing requirements as to the beverages.

People always drink beverages, and beverage market, depending on certain circumstances, should correct its business plans and assortment, keeping beverages available to the customer.

Developed and emerging markets are quite different as to their structures and assortment, but nevertheless, you can find your niche in any of them. It is necessary to have enough knowledge about markets and the tendencies of market development in order to offer an appropriate recipe, packing, design, and retail scheme.

You can ask any questions to our consultants on regional beverage market access and be sure you will get a high-quality consultation.


If you decided to launch new beverage brand and you need help – you came to the right place!

RCCI is specialized in start-up help irrespectively of what stage the process of beverage development is on.

Our expert group will help you to create a single image of beverage market and to find you niche there. Creating a large number of beverage brands, having busy clientele and tight communications with raw material suppliers, producers, distributors, and marketing experts we are beneficial to your business.
If you do not know how to start your business from the beginning – contact us now and we will find the best suitable way for you.