Vodkas are supposed to have a neutral flavor, making it difficult for a new brand to stand out from the rest, especially in such a highly competitive market. Fellini vodka tries to set itself apart by touting itself as an “organic experience of old european traditions.”and has earned a designation as 100-percent certified organic, and is truly eco-friendly with no additives, pesticides or preservatives. It further separates itself from its peers by being made from imported winter wheat. This is a clear departure from the usual potato or corn base that makes up most vodkas we find on the shelf.

Fellini boasts a specialized filtration process that is five-times distilled and three-times filtered through organic carbons — which the makers claim eliminates the harmful and flavor-altering solvents that cause headaches and hangovers. In addition, only 40 percent of actual product yielded from filtration is bottled, further enhancing the vodka’s flavor and refinement.

You will pleased with the aesthetic of the smoked glass bottle, but the true enjoyment will come from the 80-proof liquid inside. The initial taste has a sweet nose and features a slight burn, but it leads to a smooth finish. The product shines best on the rocks, paired with a light mixer, or in a dry martini.

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