Forex Vodka is a premium product, oriented for mid-range segment customers.

Primary audience: successful professionals well paid specialists. They are in successful operation and know how to manage an active rest. Vodka is usually consumed by people being at corporate parties, night clubs. In particular, vodka is consumed being one of the cocktail components.

The availability of vodka in different appearance, showing various regional financial markets makes it an especial gift and a successful instrument to open new relations in informal surroundings.

Forex is a self-explanatory name, speaking worldwide intelligible language, language of success and unconventional decisions. Forex Vodka taste purity enables becoming the base for different cocktails, invented depending on culture of different nations. Forex will become the interlink, which is going to fasten an international party, keeping the personal touch of pleasure.

Forex will suffuse the holiday atmosphere with bright colors, present a firework of impressions and open up new vistas for new triumphs! Are you ready? Here we go!

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