Manufacture of high quality tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos. Careful selection of raw materials and unique technologies on modern equipment give an amazing result, allowing us to expand sales markets, gaining new fans.

Iveria Tobacco studies the preferences of smokers and tries to satisfy their tastes as much as possible. It is the preferences of adult consumers that determine the varieties of tobacco we use. We are working to ensure the availability of these varieties in the long term in order to maintain the consistency of the flavors of our products.

Ingredients and flavors are added to some types of cigarettes – mostly American-style varieties – to balance the natural taste of tobacco, restore sugar lost during drying, and give individual flavors and aromas to certain brands. Other ingredients control moisture, protect against microbial damage, and act as a binder or filler.

Nicotine is not added in the manufacture of cigarettes. It appears naturally in all types of tobacco plants.

The filter, paper, and filter ventilation level allow you to vary the perceived strength and smoke that the cigarette produces. At every stage, we ensure the proper level of quality control and product verification.

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