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The brand is represented by a collection of dry wines.

Our main focus is single-varietal dry wines with pronounced varietal characteristics, individual nuances and good potential.
White and rose wines are fresh, aromatic, with pronounced varietal characteristics, individual nuances and a good level of acidity.
Red wines Aged, rich, balanced, with a strong structure and full body typical of our terroir.
We use classic world varieties. The line also includes original assemblages.

Grand le grand

Grand le Grand is a magnificent combination of centuries-old traditions and advanced technologies.

Energy. Honesty. Purity. Our wines are the product of the efforts of reputable winemakers who zealously observe traditions and creatively interpret modern trends in winemaking.

The excellent quality of Grand le Grand wines is felt in every drop!
The rich variety of tastes and aromas is the result of a unique combination of a favorable climate, fertile soil, the Mediterranean Sea, the unsurpassed skill of winemakers and the secrets of traditional recipes.

Each bottle of Grand le Grand wine is the fruit of hard work and careful care of our master winemakers, who have many years of experience and a special intuition that allows them to subtly feel their product. Wine cannot be empty, it always means something. Uncover all its meanings, enjoying the excellent taste, feeling the delicate aroma and penetrating the secrets of a thousand shades of color.

Dama de noche

These are modern red and white wines from international grape varieties. These are high standards of grape processing, limited yield, only manual harvesting and strict control over production technology. Most wines are aged briefly in oak barriques and bottles. After bottling, the wines from this collection are further matured in the bottle. Characterized by a pleasant minerality due to marl soils.

Advanced European technologies, exclusively hand-harvested at the peak of optimal ripeness, aging in French oak barriques and Italian elegance – all this unites the process of creating a truly unique drink – a wine with a special character. Refined taste, rich texture, balance and compliance with the standards of the world wine community.

Mamzelle de paris

The SPARKLING WINE collection includes six completely different bright flavors from MAMZELLE DE PARIS. The company uses its vineyards and the knowledge gained over years of working with the finest sparkling raw materials. European grape varieties are used to produce sparkling wines.

The collection of still wines is distinguished by the highest ability to convey the fullness of the taste of the varieties from which these wines are prepared. This is one of the key collections, which has been formed for a long time and is represented by items that embody classical winemaking technologies and European winemaking traditions. The wines of the collection are characterized by a bright aroma and pronounced taste. They are not aged in oak barrels, preserving the varietal characteristics of aroma and taste.

flamingo aqua

Amazing crystal clear water from Fiji Islands bottled at source, untouched by man.

Collected in natural artesian aquifera protected from any external influences.

Filtered by volcanic rock it collects minerals and electrolytes that create the  taste of our water

In a tropical rain forest surrounded by ancient, sleeping volcanoes

Originating high in the clouds, tropical Rain falls cleared by equatorial trade winds. Water has 100% naturally occurring electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride. These electrolytes give FIJI Water its signature soft mouth-feel and smooth taste.

Water’s pH is 7.7.  Pure or purified water has a pH of 7.  Drinking and natural water can range in pH due to dissolved minerals and gases.  Solutions with a pH of less than 7 are said to be “acidic” and those higher than 7, “alkaline”.



Dantava is the leading branding agency with a unique experience in developing successful competitive brands.
The agency has strategic views on brands evolution perspectives within priority market segments.
Brand’s strength is determined by the unity and integrity of its image perception as well as its
individuality and attractiveness for the customer within competitive environment.
Our Specialists are confident that one can reach unity of brand’s perception only by building a unified
brand strategy which involves positioning, naming, creating of visual identification system (design of logo,
corporate identity, brand book, package design) and shaping brand’s space, its atmosphere and language for
communication with the end-user.


Tiflis wine is a wonderful wine created for true connoisseurs of the ancient drink of Georgia. The wine is created in accordance with European, Imereti and Kakheti technologies. The product range includes aged wines in barrels; original dry table wines, etc.
Red wines are distinguished by a delicate aroma due to the aging of wine in oak barrels, with a hint of astringency and a long, slightly chocolate aftertaste. Such wines are good with meat delicacies, traditional Georgian snacks.
White wines in the aroma have fruity and stone notes, refreshing citrus tones, with mineral shades and a velvety finish. They are suitable as an aperitif, as well as to dishes of poultry, white fish and fruit salads.

Tiflis wine is distinguished by a rich and multifaceted bouquet, in which classical fruit and berry and wood shades and original spicy and caramel tones appear, forming a balanced combination.


This is a collection of high quality wines from the most famous wine regions of France. Grapes for them grown on unique types of soil, giving the wine an unforgettable and unique taste.

The Montserrat collection includes such popular grape varieties as Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc and others


This is a collection of high quality wines from the most famous wine regions of France. Grapes for them grown on unique types of soil, giving the wine an unforgettable and unique taste.

The Montserrat collection includes such popular grape varieties as Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc and others

menorah vodka

Menorah vodka is 5-times distilled from the finest grains then filtered three times. It’s so smooth you can create a perfect cocktail or drink it straight, making it one of the best vodkas available. Our premium process makes our distilled vodka as iconic as the cityscape on the bottle. Our flavors are crafted using our award winning original 80-proof vodka.

In our work we strictly adhere to the standards of kosher food and create a product worthy of the most demanding consumer. Our specialists carefully monitor all stages of the technological process and we guarantee the highest quality of each bottle.


Mayotte is associated with traditions and values ​​that are passed down from generation to generation, only slightly changing its shape and keeping its high internal content unchanged. This is a drink for people who value endurance and strength.

Mayotte is not just high quality cognac; it is the personification of a dynamic lifestyle combining healthy minimalism and rational restraint with the brightness and freshness of youth, passionate about playing with the world


The main activity of the company Duvinrouge is the production of wines. For us it is not just a job but a way of life that we elevated to the rank of art.
The result of many years of work on the development of the business is the ability to create an exclusive collection of wines from different regions of the world.
At the moment, we have all the resources necessary for mass production and for the production of exclusive wines produced in limited quantities.
Trying to meet and anticipate the needs of our clients, we regularly update our range of wines. Our product lines can be found on the wine tastes of Georgian vineyards, France, Moldova, embodying the spirit and temperament of these countries.

daksson whiskey

Daksson Whiskey began life in 2018, when group of specialists launched the company. With over sixty years service in the industry between us we have been able to put our combined experience to good use in building and developing the company.

From day one we have built the company on an ethos of heritage, quality, consistency and a passion for the Whiskey we produce and ship around the world.

Daksson Whiskey blends the feelings of honesty and integrity into all aspects of our business and this is something which customers, suppliers and competitors all recognise.


Forex Vodka is a premium product, oriented for mid-range segment customers.

Primary audience: successful professionals well paid specialists. They are in successful operation and know how to manage an active rest. Vodka is usually consumed by people being at corporate parties, night clubs. In particular, vodka is consumed being one of the cocktail components.

The availability of vodka in different appearance, showing various regional financial markets makes it an especial gift and a successful instrument to open new relations in informal surroundings.

Forex is a self-explanatory name, speaking worldwide intelligible language, language of success and unconventional decisions. Forex Vodka taste purity enables becoming the base for different cocktails, invented depending on culture of different nations. Forex will become the interlink, which is going to fasten an international party, keeping the personal touch of pleasure.

Forex will suffuse the holiday atmosphere with bright colors, present a firework of impressions and open up new vistas for new triumphs! Are you ready? Here we go!



Inspired by purity, Flamingo Vodka is distilled to perfection to create smooth, delicious and naturally refined taste.Not just another vodka, Flamingo vodka appered thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and a more than 100-years histoty of Russian authentic tradition of vodka making.It is luxurious drink designed to bring joy and toast all things fun.Flamingo is a great organic thar works well in almost any vodka cocktail. In fact,its profile adds more depth to the drinks than many others vodkas.